Evening update


Oh hey anderson!

I’m all done with dinner. Indian food with my mom. It was pretty good. Is it sad that i may like the microwave stuff i get more? It could be because i had to venture outside and interact with other people. And wait half an hour. When i microwave food it’s ready in minutes and i don’t have to avoid making eye contact.

Today at work we had a bake sale to raise money for charity. I baked brownies on the weekend and was going to ice them last night. I was just getting started when the mixer broke. So i thought i could maybe use the marshmallow fluff i use in my buttercream by itself. So i melted some and coloured it organge for halloween. When i put it on a couple brownies my boyfriend said it looked like cheeze wiz. And it did – colour, consitency and everything. What a disaster. So this morning i brought 8 brownies to work at 6:30am. In case it wasn’t obvious yet, i’m the kind of person who prefers to get to work after the sunrise.

So a guy at work paid 500$ and bought everything. I know it’s for a good casue. But, seriously, greedy much?

Here are my brownies…you’re kind of a healthy guy, so i’m sure you won’t be too upset if i don’t bake you stuff. But then, i feel like baked good care packages are for prison imates and college kids and i don’t want that kind of friendship and i’m sure you don’t either!



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