Hi Anderson!


i know it seems far fetched. but i really think we should be friends. i think you are a delight. i am also a delight, although in a slightly less obvious way. you are universally appealing, while i am a bit more of an acquired taste. but i figure, if you’re friends with kathy griffin, our friendship isn’t totally out of the question.

remember when you were on the mole? i think that was the first reality competition show that i watched. and the last one i enjoyed. in university my friends and i would get mcdonald’s and gather around the tv to watch. you were only on for a season, but it was life changing. you seemed to take it so seriously, but, like us, i know you recognized the absurdity of reality tv. when next i saw you on cnn i felt like an old friend had come home to teach me about the world.

sorry i don’t like to capitalize when i write. i could pretend that i am a huge e.e. cummings fan and this is my homage to him; and while i always admired his whimsy with letters, i’m just kinda lazy. most word processing programs will fix the things that matter, and if i don’t have an autocorrect, i just don’t bother. you may think that someone who loves grammar and has been known to correct people would never deign to be so cavalier about words, but this is just another example of the enigma that is me.

time to go get take out indian food. ttyl anderson!


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