today’s episode about fears


so anderson,

your show has been on for a couple months now and there have been 2 episodes with snakes.  i get that you hung from the ceiling and surrendered to your fear.  and i applaud you, i really do.  but other viewers who are afraid of heights probably aren’t going to start crying, sweating and hiding under blankets when they see a cherry picker.  i am now afraid to get off my couch.  the sun has started to go down and my condo is dark.  i’m afraid about what might be hiding.  also i read that someone found a snake in a toilet in toronto yesterday.  they are slippery sneaky jerks and could easily find me here.  this is the scariest letter i’ve ever written.  i said the s-word 2 times and now i’m too scared to re-read this and see that word again.  please make it up to me with an episode devoted to the colour purple.



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