wednesdays are like leftovers


hey anderson,

i just warmed up some of my indian food for lunch.  i had this epiphany that wednesdays and leftovers are kind of the same thing.  hear me out before you think my simile is lacking. wednesday is the day that really doesn’t offer much.  monday and tuesday start off a week – you’re productive and get things going.  so your original meal is like the first couple days of the week.  then wednesday comes along; it’s still early in the week so you can’t start getting ready for the weekend, that would just be premature and unhealthy.  just like you can’t get ready for your next meal when you still have leftovers from your last one.  so wednesday is the day that doesn’t offer much but is a day like any other. and leftovers sustain you but really you just want a nice fresh meal.

does that make any sense?  maybe i will hold onto this letter a bit before i send it to you.


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