what to do?


hey anderson,

it’s saturday afternoon and i’m in a bit of a quandry. i really enjoy doing as little as possible on weekends. i don’t think it’s lazy, i think it’s a choice to enjoy my down time. i work hard during the week and regularily do the bare minimum in the evenings. that is borderline lazy and i have no problem with that. but on weekends it’s a different story altogether. i have hours upon hours of free time and i want to make the most of them. but what happens when i get hungy? i live in a great neighbourhood, for this city anyway, and i have all kinds of choices within walking distance. like half a block walking distance. yet here i sit eating the free bag of original flavour chips i got at the hockey game last night. and i had an apple. what i really want is breakfast food. the greatest food ever. there is a cute diner around the corner and i could go there. i would even go alone – with a book so people know i’m cool and smart not just hungry and friendless. i’ll let you know what i decided, but most likely i won’t be writing you from anywhere other than my couch anytime soon.


Update 1 hour later
I had eggs in my fridge from making those brownies lat week! I don’t have to go outside! Chelsey lately marathon can continue as planned.

Update 15 minutes later
So, while updating you and my sister about my egg discovery, they were overcooking on the stove. But the amount of ketchup i put on my eggs still made the edible. Halfway through eating them i kept hearing a crackling noise from the kitchen. Luckily i got up. The stove was still on. These incidents may lead one to believe the universe was telling me to get out, but i refuse to learn a thing from this.

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