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bibs are the new black



today the bf and i went for dinner at red lobster.  i always thought it was a really questionable restaurant, but after meeting him i learned that yes, large groups of sad people do often eat there, but it’s not because the place is sad.  it’s because the food is amazing!!  i love seafood (except salmon for some reason) and i consider warm butter a condiment and you know how i like my condiments!  the one problem with the warm butter is the mess.  i am generally not the most clean of eaters, plus my larger chesticular area acts as a catch-all for any dribbles, but the minute something is at all greasy, it’s on my shirt.

tonight, we had a really yummy baked pasta dish with about a pound of seafood in a butter and white wine sauce.  when the server brought us our food she brought bibs.  i’ve always secretly wanted to wear one, but felt silly, but she encouraged us so i decided to go for it.  i was still wearing my work clothes and i didn’t want to ruin a perfectly good blouse.  best meal ever.  yeah the food was great, and the cheese buns are to die for, but the best part was being spill-free!!  i did have to wipe my bib a few times, but so what? my shirt was clean.

so i got to thinking, why not wear a bib all the time?  well, because i would look ridiculous.  but i don’t have to.  there are a growing number of products out there, that are getting makeovers to appeal to a more refined audience. like pretty garden shears, or pink tool kits for ladies.  it’s stuff we need, but that doesn’t mean aesthetics don’t count.  so, here’s what i’m thinking (this is another don’t steal my idea or i’ll come find you scenario) a bib that looks like a scarf.  like a plasticized hermes.  you can tie it around your neck, keep the drips off your clothes and not compromise in style.  i’m totally on to something!!

i feel like a genius right now.  i bet this is how einstein used to feel.  and i won’t have to live with his eventual self loathing about the whole his invention being used to make nuclear bombs. so basically, i’m smarter than einstein.  just you wait, this will be a thing, and i will win all kinds of awards for contributions to humanity.

have a great night,




step into my comfort zone


hey anderson!

this past weekend, i took a course and was in a group with a guy who had a phd in computer science.  he made me slightly afraid about my online identity, so i decided to do what i could to control things.  i decided to go and delete some online accounts like on classmates and hi5 (i honestly don’t know why those sites still exist!!).  when i got to my mypace, i remembered i had been fairly active on it for a time and decided to reread some of my blogs.  tucked in with a whole bunch of surveys and personality lists, i found a blog about my 2007 new year’s resolution.  i thought i would share it with you and then update!  here it is:

happy (?) 2007

Current mood:optimisticso it’s taken me a month to solidify my new year’s resolution.  whatever, i’m lazy.  which is pretty much the theme of my resolution.  it’s 2007.  i turn 27 way too soon for my liking.  even admitting that right now has made me feel a little nauseous.  and i know that age is only a number, but i know that at 27 one should behave like an adult.  this terrifies me.  i never really pictured my life past high school, so i have no idea if this is where i though i would be at 27.  but i know where i don’t want to be.  i’m in a bit of a rut, not in a bad way, i enjoy my life, but it could be different.

thus, the plan for 2007.  i am going to be leaving my comfort zone.  widening my circle of where i go, what i do, and who i do it with.  in theory, the plan is to be up for anything.  i may have already learned that the plan should probably be less vague; 2007 is the year of adventure, not regret.  so, in no particular order, here is a list of things i am thinking about incorporating into my life.  feel free to comment and add to the list, this is going to require a concerted effort from everyone i know to ensure i don’t give up. 

k’s list of stuff she doesn’t want to do, but thinks she ought to:

– go grocery shopping once a week and buy stuff that requires actual preparation

– call my grandmother regularly – what’s reasonable, i have no idea!?!

– walk to and from work every day and use the money i save to buy something useful

– no more shopping just for the sake of buying something.  once my gift cards from christmas are all used up, shopping will be a treat, not a hobby.  (this one scares me the most)

– i am losing a very important hobby, so i am going to need some new ones.  people keep suggesting knitting.  maybe i will take one of the chinook college courses i think sound cool; cake decorating, karaoke!  that’s a good one,  some time in 2007 i will sing at karaoke.  while i do consider it a spectator sport, and the last time i tried i froze and my tone-deaf friend has to sing, i think i can do it…

 – read the myriad books i have and no more rereading harry potter.  no, i don’t like that.  if i read one new book, i can reread harry potter.  and harry potter in other languages is exempt from the rule because…

– if i don’t practice, i won’t be fluent in my various other languages.  i will seriously consider taking that french immersion weekend at the u of c.  when someone speaks to me in any of the languages i speak, i will answer them in it. budget.  grown-ups are always talking about a budget.  i will start paying closer attention to how much money goes in and out. 

– stop judging people at first glance.  i’m never going to make new friends if i dislike everyone i meet.  this doesn’t always work, see the girl i was super friendly too and she still thought i was intimidating, but i will try to give people the benefit of the doubt.  and by people i think i mean girls, i think i expect too much from female friends, i much more accepting of guys that act like morons…

– i should really keep my place clean.  a quick tidy once a week shouldn’t be that hard.  i can manage that.

– make some preliminary decisions on my future.  look into masters programs and even continuing education certificates.

i had a longer list but i can’t remember some of them.  and yes, i had been drinking, and no, i don’t plan on addressing that in 2007…


i have to say, not a lot has changed.  but i’m still pretty much ok with my life.  i definitely struggled with turning 27, just like i am going struggle the hell out of turning 32 next year.  i think there is something about the incremental age increase that really freaks me out.  i wonder if on my next birthday, if i just aged 30 years i would be happy.  i think i might be.  i’ve wanted to retire since i was about 17 after all.

i said i was struggling with feeling like i was in a rut .  sometimes i still feel that way, and sometimes all i want to do is curl up in my rut and relax.  so i think that’s improvement.  i could still absolutely branch out, but i love my comfort zone.  i found this quote recently: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ― Neale Donald Walsch.  i think it’s a great quote, if a scary one.  but if interpret it as the end being still somewhat within the comfort zone, then i can tolerate it.

i definitely tried to be adventurous in 2007, here’s an update on my goal list:

-i still don’t grocery shop.  i went to the store today to get the ingredients for greek salad.  i had canned spaghetti instead.  it was a nice trip down memory lane to my university days, and luckily i didn’t have to warm it up in my sink like i once tried in desperation in university.

-i forgot my grandma’s birthday last week.  but there are extenuating circumstances, and i do wish i could call her regularly.

-i now have a job outside of downtown so i am forced to drive.  so now i spend even more money, and am more sedentary.

-oh wow, the shopping one…online shopping has made this hobby so much worse in the last few years. i actually got a box delivered to me at work today full of fun baking tools.  next week i hope to get jeans, nail polish and a few christmas presents for people.  it’s ok to shop when it’s for other people though, so that’s not a problem, right?

-i still haven’t sung karaoke.  and i don’t sit on the sidelines much anymore.  how sad.  i think i will add this back to my to-do list.

-i have definitely been reading a lot more.  i still watch tv, but reading is such a passion for me.  thus far this year i’ve read about 35 new books, with a few re-reads.

-i haven’t done much practicing of my languages, but my sister is learning german so it’s starting to come back.  maybe i’ll combine this with the idea above and start reading more books in other languages.  i do have harry potter in 3 other languages after all!!

-i am still a real judger of people.  i am guarded and unsure of new people, which is fine.  but yeah, sometimes my boyfriend says i am mean.  i really wish i could stop myself, but i have no filter, and a lot of anger, so things happen…

-cleanliness…well, you got my letter about the hoarding so things aren’t great, but for the most part my condo is clean.  i have cleaners come in twice a month, so i do have to put enough away for them to be able to wash surfaces.  this is an invaluable expense.

-my future!  this one is a success!! as i said i’m taking some courses and i hope to get a project management certificate by may of next year.  yay me!!!

so, what do you think?  progress?  i’m sure when my mother intercepts this letter she will remind me that things happen in their own time and i shouldn’t be hard on myself.  so i’m not going to be, i just think it’s fun to revisit something like this.

i hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my comfort zone.






what’s a good use of my time?


hey anderson,

it’s sunday evening and so i’m back to the yucky boring grindstone tomorrow. i had a relatively busy weekend. i was in a course friday and saturday and then last night was my company christmas party. it was at a hotel not too far from where i live. i had a nap after i got home from my course and forced myself to get presentable for the party.

my boyfriend and i went, and i had zero expectations because i generally dislike corporate functions. especially as none of my closest work friends were coming. the room was too crowded and too dark, two things i really dislike. the food was good, too bad the lines were too long. but then, i also would rather stand in line than be forced to sit through a dinner with assigned seating where i inevitably get seated by some old people who reminisce about really boring stuff. one year when this happend to me, not only was i bored out of my mind hearing about life in the industry in the 80s, my boob fell out of my shirt.

we got two drink tickets each as well as free champagne when we arrived, which was nice because the drinks were way too expensive. that’s the one drawback with having an event at a hotel, things are overpriced. i hate having to pay for stuff when i really don’t want to be somewhere. regardless, i managed to get a bit tipsy which was nice. some work people tried to convice us to go a bar after, but we just slipped out when no one was looking. we got home and split a nice bottle of wine, so i had a hangover this morning.

it’s alwas nice when i have hangover because it give me the opportunity to have a lazy day. i know i’m allowed to fill my time however i want, but sometimes i feel guilty and think i should be productive. but when my head hurts and my belly is unsettled, i get to do whatever i want! so today i got to get up, watch tv in bed, take a nap and then spend about 5 hours trying to organize my itunes. i also caught up on your daytime show, so maybe i was productive after all 😉

looks like it’s starting to snow a bit, let’s hope it stops. i was enjoying our unseasonably warm winter. i best get redy for bed, i hope after all that work my new booktapes finally synced so i have something to fall asleep to. so, what do you think? sunday well spent?



I’m sick :(


Hi anderson,
Sorry it’s been so long since i’ve written, i’ve been boring. I don’t want to make you fall asleep listening to the silly little details of my life. But i’m not feeling well,and being sick makes me selfish. So listen to me whine…
Why are colds so awful? How can sneezes be so horrible? But then, in the past 24 hours i have sneezed about 50 times so maybe i do know how. It’s the quantity. And the fear of peeing one’s pants. It’s exhausting!
So i’ve been taking all kinds of remedies to keep from getting sicker. Oil of oregano which is gross, bee propolis which is disgusting, vitamin d which is flavourless and vitamin c which is candy. But, too much vitamin c leads to other problems in the toilet department so i only eat those delicious chalky treats when i’m sick.
I’m going to curl up and whine for a bit. Sorry this letter is so brief but i’m hot, then i’m cold and that takes a lot out of a person.
Please send virtual chicken soup.

wine o’clock


hi anderson!

it’s about 6:30 pm here, and i’m having a glass of wine.  i also made some linguine.  but to be honest, i made it to soak up the wine.  no, that’s an exaggeration (tonight anyway).  i was actually making the linguine – my mom left it in my fridge – and i turned around and saw the wine and things just clicked!!

i find the first glass is always the most dangerous.  i am a get tipsy quickly kind of person.  normally this means, i don’t need  to indulge to an extreme, but of course needs and wants are not the same thing (thanks school for teaching me about sociology!).  every once and awhile i just go for it – like the night a couple months ago when i fell out of bed.  i was reaching for something i dropped and just kept going.  oops right? 

i am just giggling to myself over here!  seriously.  one glass of wine and i’m having the time of my life.  of course, this can easily switch direction and i could be weeping.  this is why i am choosing to watch crime procedurals on tv tonight, rather than ‘say yes to the dress’ which is my kryptonite!!

please don’t think i have a problem or anything.  i am just unwinding a bit 🙂  i do think that in the past my approach to drinking was problematic, but that was in high school, with a whole bunch of extenuating circumstances. 

 i hate this letter now.

ps just watched the ep from november 9th.  at the end of the segment with the heroes who rescued the guy trapped under a car  that was on fire you said “we’re going to take a look a the new viral videos burning up the web” – i’m sure that was a slip of the tongue, but isn’t the brain hilarious??


i wrote this about 3 days ago and obviously got distracted and didn’t hit send.  i know you’ll want to know what i was up to on monday night, so here you go!




loquacious letter


greetings and salutations anderson,

i trust my latest missive finds you at the epitome of fortitude and magnificence.  obligatory musings on my own lugubrious condition will simply have to be postponed until such time as i am able to extrapolate my theories…

i bet you’re wondering why the plodding language found above. my sister has read my letters to you. don’t be mad anderson, they are, after all, on the internet which is surprisingly public (colour me nonplussed!). anyway, my sister thinks i should be showing off more of my vocabulary in these letters. yes, she is currently an undergrad focusing on english lit, but i don’t think that’s why she wants me to write like a thesaurus. it’s just because big words rock. why use a series of short words to circle around a situation, when one awesome, multi-syllable word will do the trick. also, i’m even funnier when i turn my smart on.

one unfortunate thing about having big words in my vernacular is that sometimes what i say is met with awkward silences and blank stares. i’m not like spencer reed on criminal minds or sheldon on big bang theory, but i do confound people now and then. sometimes even the fact that i like words confuses people. but i was always a reader and always thought different ways of expressing things are fun. that’s right, fun!  my sister used to have grammar and vocabulary homework and i loved to help her. sometimes it was really frustrating though when i didn’t like how a word was defined or if she was not as enthralled as i was with a certain choice adjective.

what can i say, i’m a word nerd.

 i’ve decided to give you a list of some of my most common and favourite big words. this way, when you spot them in future letters we can celebrate with sirens and confetti like on pee-wee’s playhouse when people said the secret word!! it will be a fun thing between us, i just know it!

 so here are some of my faves, in alphabetical order so they don’t get jealous of each other.

deign – used a lot when telling people i would rather be snobby than do something

hyperbole – i love to exaggerate, and then, if necessary, name drop that particular literary device when people act shocked 

incredulous – life is more than just a little shocking and it makes me incredulous!!

loathe – why hate something when you can loathe it?  not to be confused with loath, which is also a good word and i have used when i really don’t want to do something but want to sound smart when declining.

schadenfreude – what an amazing word!  and it’s a german compound word which makes it even better!  one simple word that describes the awesome way i feel when others are miserable.

sisyphean – like the guy in greek mythology, i often describe my life as a fruitless attempt to accomplish something that is always thwarted at the last second.

surreptitious – not to mention the adverb surreptitiously!! I love being deceptive and sneaky.

superfluous – a real favourite, but unfortunate as i have a slight lisp (also why does the word lisp have an ‘s’ in it???).  i use this word all the time because, from my perspective, most things are unnecessary. 

ubiquitous – i still remember learning this word in middle school and love to use it when things are plentiful or, more often, when there is too much of something or someone and i am cranky.



Dream business idea – literally


Hey anderson!
Last night i had a dream and i think my unconscious might be on to something. Before i get into that though, some background. My parents are jungians. They love dreams, and discussing their potential meanings at great length. They even went to far as to name my sister after their former analyst. Don’t get the wrong idea – they aren’t crazy hippies who only live in dream land, they just realize the we often know more than we think, and dreams help us come to some more of our knowledge. So for as long as i can remember, i’ve remembered my dreams. I also seem to be one of the few people who is aware that i am dreaming – this is called lucid dreaming, although more often than not my dreams are so crazy and messed up, i would describe them as anything but lucid.
Before i tell you the idea that came to me in a dream, i implore you not to steal my idea. I think you’re pretty succesful in your own right, so you shouldn’t need to steal my idea, but you never know. So basically, if you do open a business similar to my idea, i will go from semi-interested fan to full-on stalker.

the dream
I went to the spa with my mom. But not just any spa. It was a bath tub spa, specializing in the soothing qualities of baths. It was really cool, very sleek and had a unique vibe that i think would translate to the non-imaginary world. You would get a private room with a big fancy bathtub, a choice of scented bath oils and salts and then could make a playlist of music to enjoy. I created a musical medley of songs from”wicked” and tegan & sara.

As i was dreaming, i knew it wasn’t a real place and i was disappointed
because i would totally go to a place like this. I’m not a huge fan of the spa because i am also not a fan of physical contact (don’t you worry, i’ll tell you all about this some other time!!). There is a spa on vancouver island that has this thing called the hydropath. I describe it as an obstacle course of water and relaxation – different temperature hot pools, steam room, showers etc. i really love it because i get to relax and enjoy the water without someone with a soothing voice putting their hands on me.

I think my idea would really take off, and build on the idea of a hyrdopath. A patron would get the fun of wearing a robe and little slippers, plus the comfort of a bath. A bath they don’t have to clean before or after (isn’t that the worst part of baths????)

I know water is a precious comodity, so i will also try to dream up (get it?) some ideas about how to conserve and be water smart.  those i may have to patent, so i may not tell  you about them.

so, what do you think?  it has some potential for sure.  but don’t try to tell me it will never fly, and then steal my idea for yourself.  i am far too clever to be duped like that, even by you anderson!!




ps to my parents – if you should come across this letter, try not to read too much into my dream…