drunk tuesday


oh hey anderson!

i decided to celebrate tuesday with a bottle of wine.  nothing makes the beginning of the week more tolerable than being tipsy.  i know this for a fact, as that is what i am, and i am currently feeling quite positive.  when i was in university a few of my friends decided to call my drunked self “pleasant”.  it was a really good nickname because not only was it applicable in my tipsy and delightful phase, it also became ironic in my angry abusive say everything i think phase.

one of the nice things about weekday drinking is watching weekday television programming while drinking.  for example, i just watched your daytime show and i got all welled up.  nothing says productive day like feeling some feelings and i right anderson?  i just love cher so much.  i know she wasn’t physically on your show, but she was feisty on the phone all the same.  i hope you do have her on your show sometime soon.  she is the coolest!  and the way she has expressed her love for her son chaz should be an example for everyone.  so needless to say, the sound of her voice made me well up.  and then what she said just made it all better.  i was going to make a clever comment using the title of one of her songs but i decided it was too cheesy.  if you disagree, i have a few on ice over here…

anywhay.  back to my montepulciano d’abruzzo (look forward to a letter about italian wine at a later date!)



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