Dream business idea – literally


Hey anderson!
Last night i had a dream and i think my unconscious might be on to something. Before i get into that though, some background. My parents are jungians. They love dreams, and discussing their potential meanings at great length. They even went to far as to name my sister after their former analyst. Don’t get the wrong idea – they aren’t crazy hippies who only live in dream land, they just realize the we often know more than we think, and dreams help us come to some more of our knowledge. So for as long as i can remember, i’ve remembered my dreams. I also seem to be one of the few people who is aware that i am dreaming – this is called lucid dreaming, although more often than not my dreams are so crazy and messed up, i would describe them as anything but lucid.
Before i tell you the idea that came to me in a dream, i implore you not to steal my idea. I think you’re pretty succesful in your own right, so you shouldn’t need to steal my idea, but you never know. So basically, if you do open a business similar to my idea, i will go from semi-interested fan to full-on stalker.

the dream
I went to the spa with my mom. But not just any spa. It was a bath tub spa, specializing in the soothing qualities of baths. It was really cool, very sleek and had a unique vibe that i think would translate to the non-imaginary world. You would get a private room with a big fancy bathtub, a choice of scented bath oils and salts and then could make a playlist of music to enjoy. I created a musical medley of songs from”wicked” and tegan & sara.

As i was dreaming, i knew it wasn’t a real place and i was disappointed
because i would totally go to a place like this. I’m not a huge fan of the spa because i am also not a fan of physical contact (don’t you worry, i’ll tell you all about this some other time!!). There is a spa on vancouver island that has this thing called the hydropath. I describe it as an obstacle course of water and relaxation – different temperature hot pools, steam room, showers etc. i really love it because i get to relax and enjoy the water without someone with a soothing voice putting their hands on me.

I think my idea would really take off, and build on the idea of a hyrdopath. A patron would get the fun of wearing a robe and little slippers, plus the comfort of a bath. A bath they don’t have to clean before or after (isn’t that the worst part of baths????)

I know water is a precious comodity, so i will also try to dream up (get it?) some ideas about how to conserve and be water smart.  those i may have to patent, so i may not tell  you about them.

so, what do you think?  it has some potential for sure.  but don’t try to tell me it will never fly, and then steal my idea for yourself.  i am far too clever to be duped like that, even by you anderson!!




ps to my parents – if you should come across this letter, try not to read too much into my dream…

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