wine o’clock


hi anderson!

it’s about 6:30 pm here, and i’m having a glass of wine.  i also made some linguine.  but to be honest, i made it to soak up the wine.  no, that’s an exaggeration (tonight anyway).  i was actually making the linguine – my mom left it in my fridge – and i turned around and saw the wine and things just clicked!!

i find the first glass is always the most dangerous.  i am a get tipsy quickly kind of person.  normally this means, i don’t need  to indulge to an extreme, but of course needs and wants are not the same thing (thanks school for teaching me about sociology!).  every once and awhile i just go for it – like the night a couple months ago when i fell out of bed.  i was reaching for something i dropped and just kept going.  oops right? 

i am just giggling to myself over here!  seriously.  one glass of wine and i’m having the time of my life.  of course, this can easily switch direction and i could be weeping.  this is why i am choosing to watch crime procedurals on tv tonight, rather than ‘say yes to the dress’ which is my kryptonite!!

please don’t think i have a problem or anything.  i am just unwinding a bit 🙂  i do think that in the past my approach to drinking was problematic, but that was in high school, with a whole bunch of extenuating circumstances. 

 i hate this letter now.

ps just watched the ep from november 9th.  at the end of the segment with the heroes who rescued the guy trapped under a car  that was on fire you said “we’re going to take a look a the new viral videos burning up the web” – i’m sure that was a slip of the tongue, but isn’t the brain hilarious??


i wrote this about 3 days ago and obviously got distracted and didn’t hit send.  i know you’ll want to know what i was up to on monday night, so here you go!




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