what’s a good use of my time?


hey anderson,

it’s sunday evening and so i’m back to the yucky boring grindstone tomorrow. i had a relatively busy weekend. i was in a course friday and saturday and then last night was my company christmas party. it was at a hotel not too far from where i live. i had a nap after i got home from my course and forced myself to get presentable for the party.

my boyfriend and i went, and i had zero expectations because i generally dislike corporate functions. especially as none of my closest work friends were coming. the room was too crowded and too dark, two things i really dislike. the food was good, too bad the lines were too long. but then, i also would rather stand in line than be forced to sit through a dinner with assigned seating where i inevitably get seated by some old people who reminisce about really boring stuff. one year when this happend to me, not only was i bored out of my mind hearing about life in the industry in the 80s, my boob fell out of my shirt.

we got two drink tickets each as well as free champagne when we arrived, which was nice because the drinks were way too expensive. that’s the one drawback with having an event at a hotel, things are overpriced. i hate having to pay for stuff when i really don’t want to be somewhere. regardless, i managed to get a bit tipsy which was nice. some work people tried to convice us to go a bar after, but we just slipped out when no one was looking. we got home and split a nice bottle of wine, so i had a hangover this morning.

it’s alwas nice when i have hangover because it give me the opportunity to have a lazy day. i know i’m allowed to fill my time however i want, but sometimes i feel guilty and think i should be productive. but when my head hurts and my belly is unsettled, i get to do whatever i want! so today i got to get up, watch tv in bed, take a nap and then spend about 5 hours trying to organize my itunes. i also caught up on your daytime show, so maybe i was productive after all 😉

looks like it’s starting to snow a bit, let’s hope it stops. i was enjoying our unseasonably warm winter. i best get redy for bed, i hope after all that work my new booktapes finally synced so i have something to fall asleep to. so, what do you think? sunday well spent?



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