happy new year



i am so sorry.  it has been well over a month since my last letter.  i wish i had an excuse worthy of our friendship.  i don’t really.  i just didn’t have anything to say, or much time to say it. 

it felt like christmas just came out of nowhere this year.  my family and i decided to try to cut back this year, so we put a 100$ limit on gifts, and picked names for stockings.  in past years i’ve been so uptight about what to get people, i just bought everything i thought was appropriate.  this year i had to think more which was really nice, but way more stressful.  thank goodness for online shopping websites where i got a couple great deals. 

as another christmas-based excuse for my negligence, i decided that at this year’s annual christmas party we needed a better dessert.  every year we have this chocolate log that is too sweet and rich and has too much milk to which i am allergic.  so i decided to use my new checkerboard cake pans and make a fun cake.  what a disaster.  it was messy and complicated and i used whole wheat flour so the batter reminded me of muffin batter.  then, when constructing the cake, i messed up the layers and had to use two spatulas to try to separate them before they set forever.  fyi, icing is basically cement mortar.  then came the decorating.  i took a course, but i am by no means an expert.  i made holly leaves out of red and green icing and then did decorative lines.  decorative yet crooked.  in the end it looked pretty good, and tasted surprisingly good – the super sweet buttercream icing balanced out the muffinness.

so yeah, i guess the main reason you haven’t heard from me is that i just didn’t have time to myself.  i was so looking forward to my 2 weeks off work, but as it turned out, i didn’t have one day all to myself.  i had dreams of achieving my reading goal of 40 books, which meant i would have had to read 6 books.  what fun that would have been.  no such luck.  i read in front of the fire on christmas day for a couple of hours, and that was it.  i feel really whiny.  it was a nice break, i enjoyed the majority of the time i spent with other people.  but when i went back to work last week, i still felt tired and overstimulated.  but i guess my overstimulation means i should have lots of great anecdotes and observations to share with you!!

i best make some sort of dinner now.  hope your monday has been great!



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  1. Hi Kataya!
    the post Xmas blahs have indeed hit with a vengeance! And now the cold arctic air adds insult to injury. We need to have dinner sometime this week if you are availalble. Let me know what you are up to!
    Love MoeDad

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