a morning of first world problems



i had a great start to my day today (sarcasm).  my mom was in town, staying at my place and flying home this morning.  out of the goodness of my heart and response to guilt trips i was driving her to the airport on my way to work.  to ensure i got to work on time, i had to get up about an hour earlier than normal.  not the end of the world, but not ideal.  last night, in the interest of lugging her suitcase to my car, i parked on the street in front of my building rather than in the parking lot out back.

it was about -20 degrees celsius this morning, so i used my automatic car starter before we headed out.  this thing has changed my life.  i don’t ever get to park inside, so my car is always so cold and sad.  a couple years ago i got this starter and it has made winter much more bearable. 

so, mom cleaned off the snow while i turned on the defrost in the car.  i went to put the car in drive and it turned off.  i’d forgotten to put the key in the ignition and the safety feature shuts things down without it.  this usually happens and my keys are just in my pocket.  this morning they weren’t.  nor were they in my purse.  nor were they in the backseat.  so, they had to be outside the car right?  i went to open the door to retrieve them, and all hell broke loose.  i guess another safety feature is the doors will not unlock until the key has been inserted.  totally helpful, because now we were locked in the car.  every time i tried to manually unlock and open the door, the alarm went off.

this is when the panic started.  mom wanted to call the car dealership and see if they had any suggestions.  i wanted to call 911 for the jaws of life.  i told her to call the motor association so they could come rescue us.  instead of dialing though, she started today’s meditation podcast from the chopra centre.  she suggested i listen to the soothing words and try to relax.  instead i screamed and started honking the horn.

after sending several motorists who obviously thought i was being rude and aggressive away, i finally got the attention of a girl walking down the sidewalk.  she was completely confused and definitely afraid of my hysterical screaming from inside my fogged up car.  luckily she finally understood we were locked in like a couple of crazy idiots.  she found my keys right outside my car door and unlocked us.  i’m sure the glimpse of my tear soaked face was the reason she quickly ran down the street.  when she tells the story, i’m sure it will be pretty similar to this:

peter locked in car

after calming down, i drove mom to the airport and then headed to work.  just before i got there i remembered i had some crazy pretend key in my glove compartment.  i bet this is exactly the situation it’s there for.

it’s been about 4 hours since then, 3 nerve calming pills later and i’m still on edge.  a colleague said hi to me in the kitchen and i jumped and screamed.  i am obviously not cut out for high-stakes living. i know that there are so people in the world who had way worse mornings, but in  my little bubble, i was challenged. but i’m pretty sure the ultimate moral of this story is that mom and i will never be a team on the amazing race.

i hope your day is calm and pleasant.


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