fail to plan, plan to fail


dear anderson,

i hope this letter finds you well this lovely sunday evening.  i am stuck in a nondescript hotel room in a town about an hour and a half away from home.  oh the joys of my job!  i was here all last week, and will probably be back for a couple more weeks.  it isn’t great, and i forgot my ipad charger at home, but i’m making the most of it.  and by that i mean, watching the tv channels i don’t get at home. 

next weekend is canada day, so i will be home for a few extra days.  i am quite excited about this and in celebration i want to do something.  you know, as opposed to every other weekend when i do nothing.  i don’t want to set my sights too high, just in case things don’t pan out.  being disappointed is zero fun, and usually leads to beating myself up.  so that isn’t what i want.  but i do want to hold myself to something, so that i can feel proud and fulfilled.

i’ve been browsing the internet a lot in my downtime, looking at everything from crafts to recipes to photography.  i see what other people are capable of doing, and i know i am too.  i figure i will follow someone else’s lead and do something.  easy right?

too bad i can’t even decide what i want to do.  i’m leaning towards baking cookies, but then, i will eat them.  so maybe healthy cookies?  those exist right?  or maybe i should just make a really nice dinner. like one with sauces and courses.  i’ve been watching cooking shows a lot lately, i am totally intrigued by mincing garlic and simmering something. so maybe this is the way to go.

at the same time, i remind myself of all of the photography paraphernalia that i own.  i have several cameras, piles of film and cool accessories.  except for when i go on big trips, it just sits in a corner gathering dust.  so maybe i should find an event like a canada day parade or something and go take some pictures.  could be fun!

so anderson, what should i do?  i don’t want to overcommit, but i do want to hold myself to actually doing something this weekend.  so, here’s what i’m thinking.  by wednesday of this week, i’m going to write you back with a plan.  that’s the best way to hold me accountable!!

stay tuned 🙂



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