you just had to upstage me, didn’t you?


well anderson,

i had planned on writing you about my moderate successes in being inspired and productive this weekend, but when compared to what you accomplished, i really didn’t do anything. in case you have short-term memory loss, you declared yourself as gay in this awesome e-mail to a fellow journalist. you are so honest, and brave and cool. i’m so glad we’re going to bff. seriously, you are relentless in the pursuit of what is just and good in this world. you make me want to be a better me.

so, i know promised i would come up with a plan and then keep you posted on my adherence to said plan. that obviously didn’t happen. but i am not angry or disappointed. it is what it is, right? i really wanted to cook, and i did make some pierogies, but that was pretty simple. fry some onion, add peirogies, eat. but still, it was not take-out or delivery so i can still be proud-ish.

i tried to do a craft. i pulled out all of my paints and mixed up a few colours, but my heart just wasn’t in it. maybe because when i looked at my pile of painting supplies i started adding up how much money i’ve spent on yet another hobby. that 75 dollar set of various things to add to acrylic paints to make them act different has really come in handy…sarcasm.

i did, however sleep a whole bunch and read a book. a book written for teenagers, but i loved every page! i sat in the sun and got a hint of a tan, which always makes me happy. i also painted my nails which always makes me feel good.

so yes, anderson, i didn’t do much, especially when compared to you, but i did try. and what’s most important is that i don’t feel at all bad about myself. i did exactly what i wanted and i guess that, in itself, was an accomplishment. basically, we’re both awesome.

happy 4th of july,

my nails have dried flowers on them. i thought it would look better. oh well.


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  1. I also love Anderson Cooper and was frankly shocked that some people didn’t know he was gay! I thought it was well known! Anyway- a day spent doing just what you want is a good day and hard to do! What book that was written for teenagers did you read? I actually love YA books. I mostly prefer reading them to “grown up” books. 🙂 And your nails look cute! You know I’m with you on feeling better with your nails done 😀

  2. i think all anderson did was confirm what people either knew or suspected.

    i read the new bloodlines book, the golden lilly. i like ya vampire books the best.

    and seriously, thanks goodness for nail polish. now that there is so much out there, it’s even better. nothing makes me feel better than enjoying a new mani 🙂

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