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would you like some mustard with that?


hi anderson!

last night i had a snack that involved mustard, then this morning my breakfast did too. so i realized it was time i tell you about my sometimes obsessive relationship with condiments. dip, sauce, gravy, chutney, dressing – i love it all! it’s not just about flavour, obvs that plays a part, but there is so much more to condiments!

condiments have powerful transformative qualities. a nice au jus takes a regular beef sandwich and it becomes beef dip! salad without dressing is just sad, naked lettuce. a papadum is a round cracker without that amazing selection of chutneys you get at indian restaurants. and one of my favourite food pairs – mashed potatoes and gravy – are an inseparable combination.

all of the above and so much more make life better. but nothing beats the classics – ketchup and mustard. on many an occasion i have chosen a meal based on its ability to be eaten with ketchup. and the same goes for mustard based snacks. i’m having a bubba from forrest gump moment listing all my favourites right now, i feel a bit crazy and hungry.

i think it’s surprising how condiments are so divisive. some people (like me) think kraft dinner should always include ketchup, while some think it’s disgusting! and the one condiment i can’t stand, hp sauce, is a hit with my boyfriend. it’s like the sharks and the jets when we make eggs!

here’s a fun fact about me – when i was a child, i had a lot of ear infections and would take tylenol to ease the pain. as swallowing pills sucks, my parents would crush up the pills, mix with ketchup and serve. if being a prescription drug addict could involve ingesting that way, i would seriously consider going down that road. i wish i had a headache right now.

so anderson, next time you’re looking for a late night snack, please consider dipping your popcorn in mustard.