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some (frivolous) life goals


dear anderson,

as you are probably aware, having goals in life is important. the search for achievements, success and happiness is a lifelong process. i think that sometimes the goals people have in life are lofty and, frankly, kind of boring. people in the developed world want a house with a white picket fence, a family that loves them, world peace, money to retire comfortably, the boring list goes on. i totally want that stuff too, and want it for others as well. but when i day dream i’m rarely thinking about my investments or what adjectives i should use to describe myself in my next interview. i dream of awesome things.

here is a list of some of these things.

1.) some day i want to stay in a hotel with my own private infinity pool.

i really like to browse hotel and travel websites.  i love to travel, and i love hotels.  and, i love nice hotels.  i haven’t stayed in many, but the nicest ones live on in my memory.  when i need an escape from stress or humdrum days, i think about sunshine, ocean breezes, fancy drinks and swimming.  i want one time in my life to be able to get out of bed, put on my bathing suit and hop into my own pool.  what a feeling of luxury that must be.  this feeling would also be accomplished if i owned a home with my own pool.  i also dream of this.

2.) be friends with a beluga whale.

really, this whole list could be about how i often imagine a world in which i have a pet tiger, bear and whale.  but not in a sketchy zoo kind of way.  in this imaginary world these creatures totally want to cuddle with me and let me sing to them.  i just really want to sit down to watch a movie and lean up against a big warm fuzzy animal.  and then, go for a swim in my infinity pool with my beluga.  i would just float and stare at his hilarious face for hours.

3.) i want to invent something.

when i picture this, it is maybe a little too similar to the plot of romy and michelle’s high school reunion than i might like, but i do love that movie so i’m not going to worry too much.  but yeah, those girls wanted to feel like they accomplished something so they pretend they invented post-it notes.  so, that idea is taken.  but i really do want to have a big idea.  i don’t need to become a millionaire, i just want to be able to take credit for something that is awesome.  i still think my fancy adult bib idea is  a really good one.  as is my bathtub spa.

4.) if didn’t have to work, i would love to be a ‘lady who lunches’

in my mind, these ladies are the epitome of class.  they are well read, well dressed and well connected.  i want to be able to wake up at a reasonable hour, get dressed in a nice suit and maybe a pill box hat and go out for lunch.  we would talk of michelangelo, politics and popular culture (because ladies who lunch are also well rounded).  after lunch i would go to museums, volunteer and explore the world.  the big thing with this dream life is that i also get to be a really big philanthropist.  i envision i would be someone like the grandmother from the gilmore girls – she was a bit more high strung than i would be, but she was always organizing things and i think that would be fun.  obviously i would raise money for really cool things like girl effect.

5.) i think i would make a really great addition to a board of directors.

it seems like a pretty cool gig. you get to meet a couple times a year and make decisions.  ideally i would be on the board of something really interesting like an orchestra or department store.  but i would be up for anything.

6.) once, just once, i would like to meet a genie and have some wishes granted.

a lot of people wish they could win the lottery, but that is boring.  i want 3 wishes.  i’ve seen enough movies and read enough fables to know that i would have to be really clever in how i word my wishes.  obviously i’m not going to give away my secrets, but i have some good wishes in mind.  it will depend quite a bit on what time in my life i meet the genie, as i can imagine if i were an 80 year old i may have very different wishes than i do today.  this is a great way to daydream, i highly recommend it.

7.) it would be a real treat for me to be able to walk into a shoe store and buy any pair of shoes i want.

i have wide feet.  like hobbit wide.  i have had salespeople stare up at me in horror after they measure my feet.  i have been told so many times that the shoes i like don’t come in my width.  for a very long time i was forced to wear hideous shoes while all my friends wore super cute and fun shoes.  when i was a teenager i discovered doc martens, and they suited my rebellious sensibility and actually fit.  that was awesome.  then came my love affair with birkenstocks.  i wear them all the time.  but now that i am an adult, i need to wear adult shoes.  there is nowhere in my city that i can find a wide range (get it?) of shoes that will fit me.  i have to make a special trip to a great store in vancouver to get new shoes.  the shoes i get are really cute and i finally feel somewhat trendy, but i want more.  i want to see shoes in a window and make them mine without a care in the world!!

8.) and last but not least, i want you, anderson cooper, to be my bff.

we would hang out, giggle and talk for hours.  i think we would have a lot of fun together.  you can teach me about the real housewives, and i will tell you all about real estate reality tv.  then, when things get real we can talk about politics and the world at large.  because we are so close, you will tell me what you really think and i will feel special.  when you film your talk show, i will often sit in the audience and you will refer to me, and the camera will pan to me and i will wave, bashfully of course, because i don’t want to flaunt what we have.

admittedly, some of my goals are frivolous.  but i really like being able to turn to these things and let my mind wander.  i feel better about my future when i do.

have a great day,



things my bff should know – guilty pleasure music edition


hey anderson,

i know you like a lot of stuff that might cause people to judge you.  for example the ‘real housewives’ shows.  i’ve never watched those.  but i’m not really able to say that with any sense of superiority because i love a lot of junk.  i know the common expression is guilty pleasure, but, to be honest, i don’t feel the least bit guilty.  embarrassed, ashamed or downright disgusted, yes, but at the same time, it’s stuff i love so i just have to own it! 

i thought i would share with you the first of many lists of things i love that i would only tell my bff.  lucky you!!  today’s list is music based, and i have a lot of music guilty pleasures.  i love music and have varied tastes.  i would say that sometimes i am a music snob (i.e. don’t don’t hold your breath for a list of the music i hold most dear).  i know that not all guilty pleasure music is considered “bad”, some may even be top 40 hits in their day .  so this list is basically music that if it played on my ipod and someone heard, i would have to explain myself.  the following is a list of explanations, in no particular order.


how anyone doesn’t love cher is beyond me.  she is so awesome.  she was someone i really respected when i was growing up.  she seemed larger than life and so very cool.  i’ve seen her in concert twice (once as a 12 year old and once in my twenties) and i was in heaven.  she is cheeky and clever and such a great performer.  i don’t think there is a cher song i don’t like, though some i absolutely love and others i could probably live without.  this is the video for ‘we all sleep alone’ a hidden gem!

Kenny Rogers

i know kenny is the butt of a lot of jokes with his plastic surgery and perma-tan, but his music transcends all of that!! when i was in university i went to see him live with a friend who may have been the biggest fan ever.  she definitely cried.  it was really fun.  i didn’t know the song ‘lucile’ before i met her, but her story about confusing the lyrics (she thought he was saying 400 children and that lucile really was the worst woman ever!) has made this a favourite ever since.  the second time i saw him live i was in the front row with another friend.  she got very feisty and i was afraid she was going to storm the stage, i thought she was going to give him a heart attack!!

The Monkees

i associate this song with my mom.  she was not cool growing up, music was not her thing.  unless you count accordion or flute tunes – then she was all over it!  but she did confess she loved this song.  and after listening to it i realized it was pretty catchy and so much fun to sing along to!


every time i hear this song i get a little misty eyed.  it’s so nice.  and reminds me of middle school dances.  the thrill of wondering if someone will ask you to dance, and the sheer terror if they do. 

Justin Bieber

i have never liked a bieber song until ‘boyfriend’.  i thought his songs were catchy, and he was cute. but cute like in the snl sketch when tina fey put him in a stroller.  but now that he’s 18 – hold onto your hats!  this song is pretty great.  most likely because it is so much like a song by that other justin – timberlake that is. actually, in addition to having you, anderson, as my bff, justin timberlake is my husband.  i love that man.  bieber has nothing on him.  and now this song is less appealing to me because i keep thinking the noise in the background is actually whale song.  have a listen, you’ll see what i mean.

November Rain

hands down, best video ever.  and another great middle school dance song despite it’s length.  axl may be an embarrassment now, but i forgive him because in his prime he was the absolute best.  and this song is the proof.

Hall & Oates

not to be a hipster about it, but i loved hall & oates way before it was trendy.

Huey Lewis and the News

when i was 6 my mom and i won tickets to see huey lewis and the news.  it was my first concert and it was amazing.  we met the band backstage – i still have their autographed photo and dried roses. 

Disney Music

i was once driving my vp back from a meeting a few hours away.  i had my ipod on shuffle and a disney song came on.  i was so embarrassed.  so much for being taken seriously.  but i do love disney songs.  i probably have about 50 on my ipod.  ‘part of your world’ was the big song when i was a kid.  i sang it in singing lessons and any chance i got.  it still resonates with me after all these years. 

Paula Abdul

paula abdul was the first artist i loved who wasn’t introduced to me by my parents.  we were visiting some family friends and i brought along my sting and paul simon tapes like the 80 year old woman trapped in a 6 year old’s body that i was.  the daughter was listening to paula abdul and i was in awe.  who was this cool lady singing to me?  why did i want to dance?  i had so many questions.  but i have never once questioned my love for paula.  ‘cold hearted’ is one of the greatest songs ever.  and now that i’m older and actually understand the words it is even better!

Right Said Fred

everyone knows their one big hit ‘i’m too sexy’ but i had their album and this was one of my favourite songs.  it’s auditory bubble gum and i still love it.

Willa Ford

why do i love this song?  seriously, why?  if it were the 1950s i could believe that a pop song is really anti-establishment.  but by the time willa ford came around it’s pretty generic.  but, i do feel a bit rebellious when i listen to this song.  i am such a nerd.