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life is better with nail polish


Seek the strongest color effect possible.. the content is of no importance.

Henri Matisse

 hey anderson,

i know you’re a dude so nail polish isn’t really your thing, but i can tell by your wardrobe that you’re not afraid of colour, so you may still be interested in my love of all things polish.  plus, i think that ties are the male version of nail polish – they are both ways to be creative and different while still maintaining and overall professional or simple look.

when i was a teenager i loved painting my nails.  i bought polish everywhere i went.  i always had some crazy colour on my nails, sometimes a different colour for every nail.  i wore a school uniform, so painting my nails was a great way to be a creative individual without breaking any rules.  i had a real reputation for having fun nails, someone even signed my yearbook saying now that i had my braces off i should paint my teeth to match my nails.  i never did that and thank goodness now that i’ve learned about nail polish drinking addicts from tlc.  i love my lacquer, but ew.

by the time i graduated university i had a big box of all kinds of colours from several different countries.  for some reason i decided to give them all away.  not some, but all.  i took the whole box to a women’s shelter along with a bunch of makeup and old clothes.  all i can say is hope those women used and loved my polish because i miss every bottle every single day.  i often use this as an example of why hoarding is necessary.  getting rid of those polishes did me little to no good.

i got rid of my polishes about 6 years ago and for awhile i didn’t really buy any new ones.  slowly but surely though, i did start a new collection.  it was a cool colour here, a pretty bottle there.  a “necessary” staple here and a “special” colour there.  but nothing major.  it was mostly to keep my toes looking less creepy and hobbit-like.  i’d do my fingers from time to time, but nothing consistent.

fast-foward to today and i’d say the obsession is worse than it has ever been.  i think there are two reasons for this: one, i have way more disposable income and love to buy myself presents; and two, nail art is hugely popular right now. there are so many inspirational photos on the internet – i can’t help but want to join in on the fun. i’m not exactly what i would call skilled.  i lack the patience for precision and i am clearly not ambidextrous.  but that hasn’t stopped me yet!! and one of my very kind co-workers got me a nail polish clean up pen so i can get rid of the evidence of my not staying within the lines.  but whenever i feel down on myself for not being perfect – i remind myself of the matisse quote above and know the goal is colour and fun!!

so anderson, here are some samples of my nails over the past few months.  expect more letters like this because i just ordered about 10 new colours.