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living vicariously through my memories


hey anderson,

this time last year i was at the end of a two week vacation in paradise.  this year i am chained to my desk with even more work looming in front of me.  my next vacation is probably months away and this depresses the hell out of me.  so, to help soothe myself i’ve been looking at pictures from last year’s trip. i’m doing this in the hopes that recalling my memories i can experience bit of vicarious relaxation.

i guess i should tell you about my awesome trip last year.  we spent two weeks in the british virgin islands.  it was my parents, my boyfriend, my sister and her friend.  my parents and my sister had been twice before on sailing trips with another family.  i refused to go in the past because i was quite certain being on a boat in the middle of the ocean with family would be a nightmare, and the only way to wake up would be for someone to go overboard in the middle of the night.  so, to ensure i safety, i stayed home.  the second time they went, however, i met them for a second week on land.  and it was heaven.  seriously.  white sandy beaches, crystal blue water and amazing food.  if i could eat crab cakes every day of my life i would be so very happy!

so last christmas we started planning a vacation.  my sister convinced me i would enjoy the sailboat, and we decided to hire a catamaran which meant more space for less potential “accidents”.  and with the bigger boat we could invite other people to serve as buffers.

i cannot stress enough how amazing the bvi are.  they are a real off the beaten track treasure.  and seeing them on a chartered boat is totally the way to go.  the catamaran we were on had 4 rooms, an indoor and outdoor eating area and a front seating area that is mesh and open to the ocean below.  because we don’t sail, and don’t really like working hard, we got a boat with a crew.  a husband and wife team and cooked and sailed and took care of everything.  while they were a tad cranky, and we had to ask to drink the hard liquor, it was great to just relax the whole time.  i finally felt like i was living the life i was meant to life.  my rockstar lifestyle was a reality.  well, if you forget about the seasickness it was a reality.

i love the water.  i’m not an amazing swimmer (i hate putting my head under)  but i could float forever.  and in the bvi the water is like 30 degrees celsius. literally, the water was almost as warm as the air.  it was heaven.  we could just jump off the back of the boat and swim.  i am a huge water person.  if i could float for a living i would.  we bought a waterproof camera which was the smartest thing we did.  the pictures turned out so cool.  everyone else snorkeled a lot, so we got some amazing fish pictures.  i am terrified of snorkeling.  not even all the sea creatures below.  it is wearing the mask that frightens me.  in fact, when we were in the bvi in 2007 i attempted to put on a mask – i freaked out, threw it at my mother and screamed “i hate this, i’m not doing it”.  people stared.  i was 27.  but as you know from when i recently got locked in my car, i do not respond well to feeling trapped.  obviously this is the same for when nothing more than my eyes are enclosed.

this past weekend we had nice weather here.  i sat outside and had a drink and relaxed.  but it just wasn’t the same.  but with the bvi trip more of a distant memory i better get used to what i have. 

hope you’re well anderson.  enjoy some pictures from my trip so you can live vicariously as well!!