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Travel brings out the worst in me!


Oh anderson, forgive me for my ranting. Sometimes i just can’t help it. I do try really hard to be a forgiving and non-judgemental person. But sometimes i just can’t. And when i travel, i lose all ability to be patient and accepting. I’m headed to new orleans for a conference and vacation with my mom. As a good daughter i flew west to meet her so we could fly east together. Of course my flight was delayed and i had the stress of racing through the airport to get through customs to make my short connection time. I did, with time to spare which was a relief. One flight down, two more to go.

On the next flight i sat across the aisle from what can only be described as a man-child. He was that little bit too loud, too uncultured and too annoying. Throughout the 3 hour flight i tried very hard not to hate him. I suffered through his inane questions about my ipad and the unnecssarily loud music coming from his earphones. After we landed, my mom said “wasn’t that a nice guy sitting beside you?” I could only roll my eyes and descibe him as dumb as dirt. Yet i couldn’t put my finger on what irked me, and more importantly why. I know that i have a terrible habit of being hard on myself, and that tendancy seems to expect the same from others. I do not suffer fools gladly, and i’m not sure i would want to!! But, to that guy, sorry if you’re not as bad as i assumed you are.

For my next rant, i will not be quite so unapologetic. I just don’t think that people with kids should be allowed to do as they please. On my second flight, a couple rows in front is a family of 4 and 2 grandparents. Occupying 1 and a half rows, but disrupting half the plane (or maybe just me?) I was well aware of them straight away as the kids watched a movie at full volume. Just because the plane is loud, does not mean i can’t hear that racket. So i was forced to watch the remake of footloose (not as bad as i feared, but the original was far better and will live on in my heart forever.) But i digress. The parents are not even sitting with the kids, instrwd of have heard them yell across the aisle. And even worse, which is currently making my blood boil, they have occupied the aisle between the rows for the past hour. The mom is watching a movie and the dad is letting the three year old just hang out in the aisle. Not even remotely ackonowledging all of the people who are constantly waiting to get by. Seriosuly, they have 6 seats. Sit the fuck down. Also, the kid has a dirty diaper. I understand travelling with kids isn’t easy, i remember cross-atlantic flights with my younger sister. But i certainly don’t remember being oblivous to the other passengers. I do not think your kid grabbing on to me while he walks by is cute so don’t look at me to indulge them. And sit the fuck down. I honestly wouldn’t have a problem if both kids were screaming their heads off if the parents were sitting with them and actively engaging the kids. But this isn’t fair. I’ve been travelling for 10 hours and i respect my fellow passengers, so why can’t everyone do the same??

Ok, enough of that. I need to cool down. I can feel the heat of anger on my face. Luckily i can also feel the plane starting its descent. Now i just need to focus on what i’m sure will be an awesome trip. I’ll be thinking about you and your outstanding coverage of hurricane katrina while i’m there. You’re the best anderson!


Ps. father is now reading a book about bach to the 3 year old. Draw your own conclusions…

Pps. I got a free glass of red wine and now my face is red for another reason. Thank you altitude!! Now tina turner is on the in-flight music channel. Things are looking up!